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Getting Started

Welcome to Ondo! Our mission is to make institutional-grade financial products and services available to everyone. We do this in four ways:

  • Funds. We design, create, and manage investment fund products that you can invest in.
  • Protocols. We develop decentralized, composable protocols which, while initially designed by us, are intended to be stand-alone, separately governed protocols that can be used by anyone.
  • Services. We also provide services where we actively help clients use our funds and protocols to achieve certain objectives.
  • Intelligence & Insights. We publish educational content on finance and blockchain technology, as well as analysis, insights, and opinions on what's happening in the space.

Here’s what you need to know to get started:


To get started with our funds, simply browse the list of available funds on our website. You'll be able to find detailed information about the funds there, including what's in each fund, how they work, expected yields and risks, eligibility requirements, and much more. When you find a fund you like, you can invest by connecting your wallet and depositing stablecoins (or alternatively wiring USD). After some delay (which may be up to a week depending upon the particular fund), tokens representing a share of that fund will be deposited back in your wallet. From that point forward you'll be able to track your portfolio and earnings through our web app. When you wish to redeem your fund tokens for stablecoins (or USD), you can request a redemption. How long it takes to redeem your tokens depends on the particular fund.


Because the protocols we create are set up to eventually run independently from Ondo, each protocol has its own separate web app interface on a different web domain. When you click on any of the protocols, therefore, you'll notice they open in a different browser window/tab, managed by external parties. The details of any individual protocol can be found on the appropriate site.


We also provide some additional services that are typically focused on organizations or high-net-worth individuals. Our services generally combine our expertise in institutional finance and blockchain technology and the use of our funds and protocols to help our clients achieve their goals.

Intelligence & Insights

Facilitating the development of institutional-grade, blockchain-enabled finance also means education. Many existing crypto investors may not be that familiar with many of the concepts, products, and techniques of institutional finance, and many institutional players in TradFi still do not understand how to evaluate the potential and risks of blockchain-based protocols. For these reasons, we post educational articles (such as our Cash Management 101 article) to help people understand various concepts and how our products and services make use of them.

That's it! You can find out more about Ondo and our offerings by reading through these docs or by visiting our website at We're glad you're here!