Welcome to Ondo

Welcome to Ondo

At Ondo, our mission is to make institutional-grade financial products and services available to everyone. We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to improve both the infrastructure of — and access to — financial products and services. We also believe that the best technical improvements need to be combined with the best practices from traditional finance, including investor protections, transparency in reporting, legal and regulatory compliance, intelligent and robust product structuring, working with the best service providers, and top-notch client service.

To help us do this, we have an asset management arm that creates and manages tokenized financial products as well as a technology arm that develops decentralized finance protocols.


To get started with our products, simply browse the list of available funds on our website (opens in a new tab) or listed here in these docs. You'll be able to find detailed information, including what assets underlie each, how they work, expected yields and risks, eligibility requirements, and much more.

When you find a product you like, once you onboard you can invest by connecting your wallet and depositing stablecoins (or, in some cases, wiring USD). When you wish to redeem your tokens for stablecoins (or USD), you can request a redemption. How long it takes to redeem your tokens depends on the particular product.


The protocols we create are set up to eventually run independently from Ondo. Each protocol has its own separate web app interface on a different web domain governed by a separate entity not controlled by Ondo. When you click on any of the protocols, therefore, you'll notice they open in a different browser window/tab, managed by external parties. The details of any individual protocol can be found on the appropriate site.

Learn More

You can find out more about Ondo and our offerings by reading through these docs or by visiting our website at https://ondo.finance (opens in a new tab).

Join Our Community

We'd love to hear from you. Please consider joining us on Twitter (opens in a new tab) and/or Telegram (opens in a new tab). You can also contact us at support@ondo.finance