Comparison to Stablecoins

Comparison to Stablecoins

USDY is not classified as a traditional stablecoin; instead, it is a tokenized secured note. Like stablecoins, USDY operates as a bearer asset that can be transferred to investors without their needing to be onboarded with the issuer, although onboarding is necessary for minting or redeeming. However, unlike with stablecoins, USDY holders earn almost all of the yield from the assets that back USDY.

Below is a table that compares stablecoins and USDY:

Bankruptcy-remotenessStablecoins are generally issued out of operating companies. If a stablecoin issuer went bankrupt, including for reasons unrelated to operating their respective stablecoins, holders may be unable to redeemUSDY is issued by Ondo USDY LLC, a company that is designed to be bankruptcy-remote from any other entities, including Ondo operating companies
YieldStablecoin holders receive no direct interestUSDY holders receive yield generated from the underlying assets (less amounts to satisfy fees, obligations, and expenses) in the form of increasing redemption value
Secured by high-quality assetsStablecoins are generally unsecured liabilities of their issuers with no security interest in the assets that back them and are at risk of being subordinated to the claims of other creditorsUSDY holders have a security interest in the assets that back it, and USDY is the only debt of Ondo USDY LLC
Regulatory statusStablecoins exist in a regulatory gray area and are not structured in a way to be able to pay holders a yieldUSDY will be issued in compliance with US federal and state securities and financial crime compliance laws
Third-party oversightStablecoin issuers can, in many cases, unilaterally change the type of assets that back themAnkura Trust Company protects USDY holders as Verification Agent and Collateral Agent, enforcing narrow eligibility criteria and is able to force a wind-down in an event of non-compliance
Timely redemptionsIf stablecoin issuers fail to meet redemption requests within a timely manner, there would be no Event of Default nor automatic wind-down process. Rather, stablecoin holders would likely need to litigate in court to recover their assetsIf Ondo USDY LLC fails to meet a redemption request in a timely manner, an Event of Default will occur, mandating Ankura Trust to liquidate the investment portfolio and repay token holders, subject to USDY holder approval

Legal Notice

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