How do I invest in OUSG?

To invest, you must have first onboarded to our Qualified-Access Funds. Doing so will enable you to access all such funds, including OUSG. After you have onboarded, you can invest either USD via wire transfer or via any supported stablecoin.

To make an investment, visit (opens in a new tab), connect your wallet, and follow the instructions.

What is the minimum I can invest in OUSG?

For instant transactions, the minimum amount is $10,000 for both investments and redemptions. For non-instant transactions, our minimum investment and redemption amounts are $100K and $50K, respectively.

How quickly after investing can I expect my OUSG tokens?

Instant Mints

If you instant mint, then upon depositing your stablecoins you will receive your OUSG tokens back to that same wallet ‘instantly’; i.e. within the same transaction. The entire transaction is ‘atomic’, meaning that the entire transaction (i.e. depositing your stables and getting the OUSG in return) will either succeed or fail — there is no scenario where you will deposit funds and not receive your OUSG.

Non-Instant Mints

If we receive your money before our daily Cutoff Time of 4pm ET, you will typically receive your OUSG tokens the next Business Day. If we receive the money after the Cutoff, your subscription will be processed the following Business Day, which means your tokens will typically be issued the day after that. For example, if on Monday you requested a non-instant subscription (i.e. sent us money) at 11:00am ET, you will typically receive your tokens by the end of the day on Tuesday. If you sent us the money at 4:30pm ET, however, your request would be considered as having been made on Tuesday, which means you would typically receive your tokens by the end of day on Wednesday.

Can any type of wallet or account hold OUSG?

Currently, we only support non-custodial wallets: this means EOAs (i.e. wallets like Metamask) or multisigs. We do not currently support custodial wallets (i.e. Binance, Coinbase, etc.) If you plan to invest from, or withdraw to, a bank account, you will also be asked to provide your wallet information. Note: We do support Fireblocks wallets.

Are there offering documents like a prospectus, PPM, or LPA documents I can see?

Yes, you can see these documents here (opens in a new tab).