Onboarding & KYC

What’s involved in onboarding for your Qualified-Access Funds?

The onboarding process can be broken into three steps: KYC, provision of account details, and document signing.


During the KYC process, you will first be asked to provide the following information:


  • Business Name
  • Country of Registration
  • Article of Existence (e.g. incorporation document)
  • List of Directors/Officers
  • Business ID number
  • Business Address
  • If applicable, beneficial owner(s) name, email, and photo ID Individuals:
  • Proof of Address
  • Government ID
  • Social Security or Tax ID Number (if applicable) Accredited Investor Evidence:
  • Accredited Investor evidence can be shown via a number of methods such as account statements or cryptocurrency wallets.

This information will be run against standard screening and sanctions lists, and all information will be further reviewed by our onboarding and compliance teams.

Provision of Account Details

Assuming your KYC profile is approved, you will need to provide us with the wallet address(es) that will hold our fund tokens. See here for the types of wallets that we support.

Document Signing

Finally, you will be asked to review and sign our fund documents. (You may review those documents in advance here (opens in a new tab)).