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Smart Contracts & Addresses

Ethereum Mainnet

Contract/address nameAddressSource codeDescription
OUSG0x1B19C19393e2d034D8Ff31ff34c81252FcBbee92GithubThe OUSG token
CashManager0x3501883a646f1F8417BcB62162372550954D618fGithubThe Ondo smart contract investors use on the webapp to buy or redeem OUSG
Coinbase Prime address (ousg.eth)0xF67416a2C49f6A46FEe1c47681C5a3832cf8856cN/ACoinbase Prime custodian account. Investors can buy OUSG by transferring USDC to this address or by using the web app hosted on, where the CashManager will transfer USDC to this address on their behalf.
Management multisig0xAEd4caF2E535D964165B4392342F71bac77e8367N/AMultisig used by Ondo for OUSG operation-related tasks
OUSG redemption multisig0x72Be8C14B7564f7a61ba2f6B7E50D18DC1D4B63DN/AMultisig used to process OUSG redemptions
Registry0x7cE91291846502D50D635163135B2d40a602dc70GithubAddresses that can hold OUSG are stored via this contract