Eligibility & Onboarding

Eligibility & Onboarding

Who can invest in OUSG? Who can redeem? Who can hold and/or transfer it?

Only individuals who have onboarded to our Qualified-Access Funds can invest in, redeem, or transfer, or receive OUSG or any other Qualified-Access Product. The most common criteria are individuals with a net worth of over $5M or organizations or entities with over $25M in assets. See all the ways you can qualify.

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for our Qualified-Access Funds, you may still be able to invest in our General-Access Products like USDY (opens in a new tab) - you can find out more about eligibility for USDY here (opens in a new tab). You may also want to consider Flux Finance (opens in a new tab), a lending protocol we developed that allows you to lend permissionlessly against our other tokens.

What’s involved in onboarding and KYC for OUSG?

OUSG doesn’t have it’s own specific KYC and onboarding process. Instead, you would need to onboard to our Qualified-Access Funds, which includes OUSG.