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OUSG vs Rebasing OUSG (rOUSG)

What’s the difference between OUSG and rOUSG?

The ‘r’ in rOUSG stands for ‘rebasing’. The difference is that, whereas rOUSG is intended to remain at a price of $1.00 per token (with yield being paid out in the form of additional rOUSG tokens via rebasing, in OUSG the yield received gets ‘accumulated’ into the price, meaning the price of OUSG is intended to increase over time. For example, let’s say you held 1 rOUSG token and 1 OUSG token, each worth a dollar, and the rebasing factor for the day was 1.10. After rebase, your holdings of both rOUSG and OUSG would be worth $1.10 each. However, whereas you’d now have 1.10 rOUSG (still each worth $1/token), you’d still only have 1 OUSG token, but it’d be worth $1.10.

How do I decide between OUSG and rOUSG?

While we believe many investors will want to hold rOUSG because of its price stability, certain protocols, exchanges, or custodians may not support rebasing tokens. That said, it is easy to convert between the two.

How do I convert between OUSG and rOUSG?

You can easily convert between OUSG and rOUSG using the ‘convert’ option on the OUSG product page on our website.